Uploading an eLearning Module as a SCORM File

mLevel is excited to announce the launch of its new eLearning module feature, will allow users to embed an eLearning experience created in external authoring tools within their mLevel mission.

This feature currently must be purchased as an add-on to your existing subscription. Please contact your Account Strategist for more details.

By taking advantage of the ability to embed an eLearning module as a SCORM file within your mission, you can create a seamless experience for the learner by introducing them to existing content before following up with an mLevel activity to measure their understanding of the materials. The below steps will walk you through the process of uploading a SCORM file into mLevel.

Best Practices for Creating Your eLearning Module

Supported Tools

Your eLearning modules can be exported as a SCORM HTML5 files. Please check the list below to ensure it matches one of the tools currently compatible with mLevel. If your product is not on this list, please reach out to your Account Strategist or Customer Success Manager for next steps:

  • Captivate
  • Articulate 360

Proper Dimensions

It is recommended that you size your eLearning module to a resolution of 1280 x 720 to ensure it properly fits the screen and does not require the learner to scroll. 

Uploading Your eLearning Module

Open Mission Manager and choose the mission you want to add a SCORM activity to. For this demo we will click on the Cyber Security Awareness & Training Mission, as denoted by the green arrow.


Once the mission is opened, you should open the Activities/Games tab.


Clicking the Add Activities button will bring up the list of activities you can choose from.


Scroll down the list to locate the activity called SCORM. Click on the SCORM activity and click the “Add” button.



Uploading the Package

Once the activity is added, click into the activity.


Now click on the submenu labeled “SCORM Package”.


After clicking in to SCORM Package, select the Choose File button to open the file uploader tool. Locate the zipped file of the content you would like to upload and click the Open button.


NOTE: Do not unzip the package. SCORM files operated as zipped folders so unzipping them will not allow them to work.

While your SCORM content is being uploaded and processed, feel free to work on other portions of your mission such as branding, adding activities and/or questions.

Once the package is uploaded, the screen the screen to the right will display a preview of the SCORM package. 

Once the SCORM package has been uploaded, you need to assign the mission to a user group and publish the mission/activity.


Once this is done, you can go to mLevelWeb and test out the newly created SCORM Activity.







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