Question Manager Release

Question Manager Release 6/29/2019

The Question Manager release is a significant update to the mLevel platform, with many new features and requested updates to configuration, publishing, and end user interaction.

The Question Manager release enables the following question types to now be used across all question-based activities:

  • Basic Image
  • HotSpot Image
  • Multiple Choice
  • Drag & Drop
  • True False

New activity builds can make use of the 5 question options, with the ability to mix and match within that activity. Existing activities will continue to function as initially built but can be modified to make use of the new feature.

 The following chart describes the availability of Question Manager functionality across all mLevel Platform activities:

Which activities can use Question Manager?


Question Manager Enabled



Yes only


Yes and

Block Party

Yes and

Check Point

Yes and

Custom Task



External Link



Fast Lane

Yes and

Ice Breaker

Yes and

Knowledge Navigator



Path Finder

Yes and

Quiz Ball

Yes only

Short Fuze

Yes only





Additional features in the Question Manager release:

Question Feedback

Question feedback has been reworked to allow for more control over the UI experience. When feedback is provided for a given question, the UI will now show a Continue button at the top of the page to allow the user to read fully before moving forward. In the case where feedback is not provided, the UI will simply move the user forward to the next question, scene, or end of game (as is applicable).


The Mission Manager site has been updated to support design of all question types within supporting activities. Speed improvements are also included which should greatly improve the time required to publish activities.

Additionally, we are now collecting additional information on which users created the activity. These details will be making their way to our analytics site in a future platform release.

Embedding eLearning with SCORM or xAPI files

Administrators now have the ability to embed a learning experience as a SCORM or xAPI file within an mLevel mission. The external file would be created outside of the mLevel platform and be embedded in a fashion similar to a video. For access to this feature, please speak to your account manager.

Aesthetic Updates

The mLevel Web site has updated font sizes for improved legibility across the platform.

Other activities such as Icebreaker have had their animations updated. Also, general improvements for the flow of our simulation style activities have been made. 

Deep Linking

The configuration page for the Deep Linking feature has been updated to provide greater clarity of which URLs support which end user experience.

Labels now clearly call out the site where users will be directed, with the enhanced short links for

Customers with SSO implementations will need to ensure the proper vanity URL is appended to the deep link URLs. The vanity URL formatting will be included in a future platform release.

Drag & drop improvements for mobile

We corrected an issue experienced in the mobile version of the Safari browser where drag & drop questions were not functioning as expected. Full support for that feature is now available.

Deprecated activities

The activities Coordinates, Learning Lab, and Shape Escape were officially deprecated as part of this release. They will be replaced in the coming months with multiple new activities supporting greater functionality for administrators.

As an administrator, you do not need to do anything to your existing content in order to account for this release. Your activities will be updated for the new format as a result of this deployment.

Don't forget that you can always reach out to with any questions!

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