Question Tags

What are Tags?

You can tag Manual Questions with an existing Item or create a new Topic and Item to use as a tag.  You might recall when using a Content grid, you see the Topic's Items in the Analytics Tool.  Since Manual Questions don't leverage a Topic directly, we use Tags to associate Manual Questions to the Analytics.  When creating a new Manual Question, you can "link" the question to a "Tag" aka, an Item.

Adding a Tag to a Question

To add a tag to a question, click in the dropdown menu above the question text when you are writing a manual question. From that menu, you will be able to add a Topic tag and then a more specific Item tag. A question needs both a Topic and Item tag for those tags to save correctly.


Once a tag has been saved, it will be available in the menu to use for other questions.

Tag Distribution

The Tag Distribution chart (the pie chart in the above animation) shows how many questions pertain to each tag/item.  Hover over the chart to see how many questions relate to each tag.

Benefits of Tags

As a result of tagging, you'll be able to identify learner's knowledge gaps at a more granular level than how they did on the overall mission in our knowledge dashboard.

You can also use the tag distribution chart to ensure that you are covering all of your learning objectives within each activity.

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