Creating a Simulation in Assessment

In the mLevel Assessment activity, you can utilize Hotspot questions to create an assessment that simulates using an interface or application.

Before beginning, make sure you have access to the platform or application you want to simulate as well as a screenshotting tool to save the parts of the platform you want to simulate.

First create an assessment activity in the mission you created in the mLevel Studio.  Click on the “Game Questions” tab on the left hand side and go to the section for the assessment you made. In that tab click the “Create New” button and then select “Image Hotspot” for the question type.

Now you should take a screenshot of the first page or step for the user in your simulation. Now click “Upload an Image” on the page and add your screenshot from your computer.

Now you can select the area you want to be the “right answer” or where the user should click to progress in the simulation. This can be done using the preset shapes of square, circle, or if you need an irregular one you can create your own using the polygon selection. The polygon area works in that you click and add sides and points to the correct area until you link it back to the starting point.

After this you simply save the question and repeat this step for each screen or click the user would go through in your simulation. You can also add feedback to let the user know where to click if they clicked on an incorrect area or why that is incorrect. 

After creating all the questions for each step you need to make sure the questions are in the correct order in order for the “simulation” to work properly. To do this, click on the “Activities” tab and open up the correct assessment activity. Then click the slide for “Assessment Settings”.  On this screen you need to scroll down and select the option for “Specified Order” under the section for “Define Order of Questions”. Then you can put the questions in the correct order if they are not.

Click "Save" at the bottom of the page and then your simulation is ready to be published. 

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