Mission Expiration

In learning, making sure you only display information that is up to date is a constant struggle. Luckily, mLevel allows you to set an "expiration" date for your mission, whether it's to keep it live for the duration of a contest or prework that you want to become inactive so it is not distracting during an instructor led session.

To use the Mission Expiration feature, you'll want to click the "Advanced Configurations" tab:


Then, go to the last tab, which is titled "Mission Expiration". You can then set the dates for when you want the mission to go live, and then expire. The clock uses Greenwich Mean Time, so be sure to take that into account.



  • If the mission expiration feature is turned on, you cannot make the mission inactive without turning the feature back off
  • If a mission has expired, you can turn the feature off and make it active again
  • You still need to be sure to publish your mission and assign it to user groups so your learners can see it
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