Recreating a Powerpoint in Pathfinder

Saving a PowerPoint As Images to Upload to Pathfinder

While Pathfinder is mostly used as a scenario based activity, it can also be used to as an introductory activity for learners to take them on a guided walkthrough of the content in the mission. This guide outlines how to export the slides of a PowerPoint in a way that allows you to quickly upload your slides into a Pathfinder.

Making sure the Slides are the Right Size

Pathfinder will automatically resize images to a certain degree, but there are some best practices to make sure your slides are not cropped improperly.

First, click the “Design” tab (labeled “1” in the below screenshot), and then open the Design Menu for “Slide Size” (2) and choose Widescreen 16:9 (3). Then select “Ensure Fit” and PowerPoint will do the rest for you.


Exporting the Slides

Microsoft Office provides the option to save slides as a set of images rather than as a slideshow. To do this, click the “Save As” option, and then click the dropdown menu that says “PowerPoint Presentation” (screenshot below)

Then, select either the JPEG or PNG option. Office will then show a prompt asking if you want to export all of the slides or just the one you are currently viewing:

If you plan on uploading more than one slide, we recommend exporting all of them since the process does not take long. After exporting the files to a folder of your choice, you should be able to see them in whatever Save folder you selected before moving on to the second step.


Adding the Slides to Pathfinder

Once you have your slides saved as images, log in to the mLevel studio to your Pathfinder activity and add a scene. Then, add as many image slides to that scene as you have slides you want to upload.

After that, add your slide images to each image slide in the pathfinder in the same order you had them in your PowerPoint. You’ll still want to make sure to add some questions throughout so you can measure your learner’s understanding, and an end scene so you can give them directions after finishing to move them along their learning path.

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