How to Locate and Remove Duplicates from a Master User File

In order to successfully process a master user file in the mLevel system, all duplicate records - be it email and or UserID - must be removed from the file in order for the file to be successfully uploaded.  This page outlines the steps necessary to locate and remove all duplicates from a master user file.

To check if there are any duplicate records on the master user file, please follow the steps below:

  1. Open your master user file in Microsoft Excel.
  2. Select both the User ID and the Email address columns and then click on the Conditional Formatting dropdown on the Home page toolbar.
  3. Once you click on the Conditional Formatting dropdown, you will see two menus. 
  4. On the first dropdown menu select Highlight Cell Rules.
  5. On the second dropdown menu, select Duplicate values.
  6. Once you have selected Duplicate Values, this dialog box will appear indicating that all duplicate records will be displayed in red within the spreadsheet.
  7. All duplicates will be highlighted in red in the User ID and Email address columns.
  8. Review and then remove all duplicate records from the master user file.
  9. Once you have removed all of the duplicate records, make sure to save the master user file in a CSV file format and then send the file to mLevel for processing.

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