Deep Linking

Deep Linking allows you to link directly to a Mission or Activity in mLevel.  This means you can send learners a link and when they open that link, it will open either a Mission or Activity in the web player or mobile app, or mLevel web (depending on which type of link you use).

To use Deep Linking:

  1. Login to Mission Manager (
  2. Select a Mission.
  3. In the Mission Details tab, click Deep Linking.
  4. Copy the URL you want to link to depending on whether you want the learner to be directed to a mission or a specific activity within the mission.


Each mission and each activity has an automatically arrayed of deep links, which can take the learner to that module on the Web Version of mLevel or App version, depending on which link you use:

  • WebGL: Links to the version of mLevel which is hosted on the Unity platform

  • Mobile: Links the learner to the mobile app. The learner must already have the mobile app downloaded to their device for this to work.

  • mLevel Web: Links to the version of mLevel which is built using HTML5 and is flexible across a variety of browsers.


Single Sign On (SSO)

If your customer has set up SSO with mLevel, you can include a code in your deep link that will allow a customer to skip the login page if they are already signed in to their SSO account. You’ll simply need to add your company url used for SSO after the “.com” in the url, like this:

for mLevel web links, it will look like this:

If you do not know your company login page, you can reach out to your customer success manager to ask, or look at the url when you go to and are redirected after entering your email.

Using the Link

Once you’ve created a link, it will work as long as your mission is published and available to a user who has access to the platform and that mission. If a user is not in a group assigned to that mission, the link will not work.

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