Deleting Activities & Missions

Deleting Activities and Missions allows you to keep your tenant free of any unused/old content.  In order to delete a Mission, you must first delete all of it's Activities.  

Warning: These actions are permanent.

Deleting Activities

Deleting Activities can be done from the Activity Info screen.

Warning: Deleting Activities is permanent.  Do not delete Activities you will need again later.

Prerequisites for deleting an Activity:

  • The Activity must be inactive in order to be deleted.
  • The Activity's scores must be deleted before the Activity can be deleted (see Deleting Scores (Clearing The Leaderboards)).

Deleting Missions

Deleting a Mission can be done from the Mission Details screen.

Warning: Deleting a Mission is permanent.  Do not delete Missions you will need again later. 

Prerequisites for deleting a Mission:

  • A Mission must be inactive in order to be deleted.
  • All Activities in the Mission must be deleted first. 


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