mLevelWeb is mLevel's New HTML5 solution that allows the mLevel experience to take place in any browser without requiring a plugin and/or download. mLevelWeb is currently in a staged release cycle, with the following activities available to be experienced:

  • Knowledge Navigator
  • Fast Lane
  • Check Point
  • Video
  • External Link
  • Custom Task
  • Pathfinder
  • Ice Breaker
  • Assessment

More activities are being released every few weeks.

The technical specs that mLevelWeb was designed around are the following:

    All are the most basic requirements needed:

         Supported Browsers

               IE, Firefox, Chrome

  • Browser Versions

    • IE 9+
    • Chrome 46+
    • Edge 13+
    • Safari 9+

    Graphics Accelerator

    • Not required

    Basic Instance Specs

    • Win7 SP1, 3GB RAM, 2CPU
    • WES7, Quad cores w/ 128GB RAM
    • Win7, 6-32GB, 2-4CPU

    Performance Goal:

    • Overall CPU consumption should be under 25%, and peaks no greater than 40%.

You can access mLevelWeb at

If you have any questions about mLevelWeb, please contact


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