Unity Web Player: Updates & Other Notes

What is the Unity Web Player?
The Unity Web Player is a third-party plugin that allows you to view content created with Unity directly in your web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome). mLevel is built on Unity3D, therefore requiring the Unity Web Player to use mLevel on a web browser. If you already play other games built using Unity, chances are you already have the Unity Web Player installed. If you do not have the Unity Web Player installed, you will be prompted to do so upon logging in at Once the Unity Web Player is installed, it auto-updates as necessary (as long as your computer allows updates). Read more on auto-updates below.


Is the Unity Web Player Secure?
Yes. The Unity Web Player is secure. Like nearly all web software, Unity has had some identified vulnerabilities, but these have been rare and quickly remediated by the Unity team. It is important to note that these reports are not related to mLevel or other trusted apps/games. These vulnerabilities are specific only to malicious Unity apps. Unity has reacted promptly to any discoveries and released patches, which are automatically installed for users. Incidents like this are rare, but they do happen. We trust Unity as a robust, secure platform and want to reiterate that these vulnerabilities have not affected mLevel.

Unity Updates
Unity periodically pushes auto-updates for the Web Player. These updates ensure the Unity Web Player is secure and performing at its highest potential. In order to get these auto-updates, your computer needs to allow auto-updates to occur. In some cases, IT teams use policies to block auto-updates from happening, which means you run the risk of being out of sync with Unity and mLevel. For security and performance reasons, we encourage our customers to allow auto-updates. In some cases, when auto-updates are not allowed, you will not be able to access mLevel on a web browser until the Unity Web Player is updated manually.

Important: mLevel will soon upgrade our platform to Unity3D 5.1.x, at which point a new Unity Web Player will be required to run mLevel on a web browser. If it is against your organization’s policy to allow auto-updates, or you choose to not allow auto-updates for other reasons, please contact and we will help coordinate an update manually.

A Future Web Player Solution
WebGL (Web Graphics Library) is a JavaScript API that allows compatible web browsers to render 3D graphics without the use of plug-ins. WebGL is readily available from Unity3D now.  It is actually the preferred route of delivery for Unity games.  

If you have any questions about Unity or WebGL, please contact

Download the latest version of the Unity Web Player here >


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