Academy: Introduction

We've introduced several new learning concepts with this Activity, including an Open-book style of learning, Adaptive Questioning, Player-centric Analytics, and Real-time Feedback.

Academy is designed to be played multiple times.  Learners actually can't finish in the first pass; the idea is to keep them training and keep them engaged in the content.

Version 2.17 of the web player or mobile apps is required to play Academy. 

Open-book Learning

It's been proven that open-book learning helps improve retention, allowing the learner to focus on the meaning and understanding the information, instead of just memorizing it.  In Academy, we've leveraged our Knowledge Navigator activity and brought this functionality into the activity to provide an open-book learning experience.

Adaptive Questioning

If a player answers a certain number of questions correctly about a specific topic's item, we assume the player knows this area of knowledge well enough.  Why not skip the content the learner already knows and focus on the lesser known areas?  This allows you to assess learners with less questions and is less of a time commitment for the learner.

Player Centric Analytics

Our player-centric analytics give the learner an instant view of their progress on various learning topics.  This in-game feedback on topic-item progress helps the learner understand their strengths and weaknesses within the content.  At the end of the game, the learner is presented with a summary of all questions they engaged with.  Learners can get a more detailed view of their progress by drilling into a specific topic.

Real Time Feedback

As an Admin, you can configure custom feedback, which is displayed to the learner in real-time as they answer questions.   You can provide custom feedback for both correct and incorrect responses, helping give context to the learners responses.

Adding an Academy Activity to your Mission

In Mission Manager, select the Activities/Games tab and click add activities. Now select Academy.


Creating Questions for your Academy Activity

Academy activities can currently only be built using Manual Questions and Tags.

In Mission Manager, select the Game Questions tab and click Academy > Create New.  At least 10 questions are needed to publish the Academy activity.

Academy allows an admin to input specific feedback for each answer option.  This allows the learner to better understand and learn about items they have answered incorrectly. 


For questions & help with Academy, please contact your Account Manager or email!

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