Comparative Question Templates

Comparative Question Templates can be used in all of our games except Coordinates and Path Finder. These question templates will be able to ask questions like “Which comes first…” , “Which has the greater weight?”, or “Which has a smaller screen resolution?”. Depending on the topic you built – this question template can be used to compare the values within an attribute.

For this example I’ll be used the below “Facts About Animals” Topic.


I want to ask the following question-

“Which animal weighs more?”

First I need to inform mLevel to compare the values of the Weight attributes.

  1. Upload your Topic .(csv) on the Learning Content page
  2. Click the Edit Knowledge button
  3. Click the Weight attribute > Additional Configuration
  4. Click the Configure Sort Order Button
  5. Using the Data Type options to the right configure the appropriate sort order of your values
    • Tip: You can always use the String > User Defined option to drag and drop them in the right order


Depending on your topic you are going to want to make sure your “values” are being ranked or compared correctly in Mission Manager for the Question Template to work properly.

Next we add the Question Template

  1. Game Questions page
  2. Select the Game you wish to add the Question Template to
  3. Click Create New > Multiple Choice Template
  4. Select the correct topic & attribute
  5. In the Question Statement field enter your question like so (concat "Which animal weighs more?")
    • Tip: Replace your question in between the parenthesis
  6. Click the Advanced Configuration link
  7. Add the correct syntax into the Option Filter Field
    1. Greater Than:

(compare fact other-fact)



  1. Less Than:


(compare fact other-fact)





  1. Your answers to this type of Question Template must be answers
  2. Preview Questions to check your output
  3. Save

If you have any questions please reach out to your Account Manager or

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