Changes to Analytics 'Performance' Page

In our 2.16 release, we are making some changes to the Performance page in the Analytics tool.  The purpose of these changes is to improve the performance of the page and increase load times.  We've outlined the details of these changes below.

Why did the 'Performance' page change?

The Performance page consists of a lot of data.  Previously, the page was loading data for all activities at the same time.  The original design included data and charts for each activity within the mission.  This was causing many users to see extremely slow load times depending on the number of game plays in the mission.  We've now focused on showing data for a single activity at a time.

The original 'Performance' page:


What changed?

The new 'Performance' page:

We removed the blue data bubbles, separated each activity into its own tab, and included the question breakdown at the bottom of the screen.

A closer look...


Each activity within the mission is now separated by its own tab.  

Instead of including a link to the Question Breakdown page, we've added the Top 10 Commonly Answered Questions along with their correct/incorrect data.

In Summary

We've improved performance to this page with this new design and load times will be much faster now.  Instead of showing all activities at the same time, each activity is in its own tab.  We also now show the question breakdown directly on the page with the ability to expand/collapse each of the Top 10 most Commonly Answered Questions.

If you have any questions about these changes, please contact your Account Manager or email! 

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