Tips, Tricks, and Workarounds

Below are known issues and quirks throughout mLevel's Mission Manager. Please review this list prior to building your Missions and contact with any questions.  

  1. The mLevel platform does not support " or ' characters when uploading Content Grids. If you upload a topic with either of these characters, delete the hidden characters from the topic in Mission Manager and re-add them.
  2. To add distractors, you must click the Attribute > Additional Configuration.
  3. Unless you delete Values from Attributes > Additional Configuration in the Learning Content tab, the Values will become wrong answers. Don't forget to delete them or they will show up as incorrect answer options.
  4. To edit Values, you need to click the Attribute > Additional Configuration. 
  5. When editing knowledge in the Learning Content tab, you can't simply change the case on an Item or Attribute because the system recognizes that it already exists. Work around: Add or subtract a character, Save, and then subtract or add in the character to make it correct.
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