Path Finder: Creating a scenario-based activity

In Path Finder, learners navigate their way through a series of simulated events using arrows to move forward and backward.  When presented with a decision, they select the best possible course of action.  These "paths" can be linear, or branching paths, allowing you to create a real-life "scenario" in mLevel.

Adding a Path Finder Activity to your Mission

In the Mission Manager tool, you'll now see "Path Finder" as an option in the Activities/Games list - add a new Path Finder activity to your Mission by selecting it from the list and clicking Add.

Adding Path Finder Content
Before you start inputting content, make sure you review our Path Finder Content Development Guide.  

Similar to the other activities, you can set a Subtitle, Introduction Text, Start thresholds, and Start Screen text.  The bulk of your Path Finder game content lives within the "Scenes" section.

Scenes and Slides
Path Finder is made of two major components: Scenes & Slides.  A Scene can contain one or more Slides.  A Slide is any single screen within the Path Finder activity.  In other words, Slides live within Scenes.  

There are three types of Scenes:

  1. Question/Statement Scene - require the learner to make a decision.
  2. Non-Decision Scene - used to drive navigation through the scenario.
  3. Ending Scene - signifies the end of the activity for the user.

There are four types of Slides:

  1. Title Slide - allows you to enter a text title
  2. Text Slide - allows you to enter a block of text
  3. Image Slide - allows you to upload an image
  4. Video Slide - allows you to upload a video

When creating a new Path Finder activity, the first scene will automatically be created. At least 1 scene is required to create the activity.  To add additional Scenes, click + Add a Scene.  

To add additional Slides to a Scene, click + Add a Slide.

Building a Question/Statement Scene

To add a question or statement that learners must make a decision on, create a new Question/Statement Scene.  Simply type into the question field.

We recommend using images that are at least 335x235 pixels.  

Adding Answer Options

Questions must have at least 2 Answers, but can't have more than 4 Answers.  An Answer option can be one of three Grades:

  1. Correct
  2. Incorrect
  3. Partially Correct

Feedback images can be used to correspond with the Grade type.  Each Answer must link to a Scene.

Building a Non-Decision Scene

This scene type allows you to include a Navigation Slide within the scene - guiding users to a new scene.  A Navigation Slide leads the user to whatever scene you select in the drop-down.

Creating an Ending Scene

Every Path Finder must have an Ending Scene.  And Ending Scene is a simple text scene, usually stating that the activity has reached an end.

How does all of this look?


How do you save a Path Finder Activity?
Path Finder automatically saves, anytime you make a change, a small "Saved" notification should appear.

Can you drag and drop Slides?
Yes, you can drag and drop slides to change the order they appear in the scene.

How can I preview the background image?
You can hover over the border of the background image to preview it.

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