What is the User Manager tool?

The User Manager tool allows you to edit your learner's user information, assign/create groups, assign tenants and more.  The User Manager tool can be accessed at or by clicking "Users" from the drop down in mLevel Studio.  

Who can access User Manager?

If you are already an Admin User, by default, you have read-only permissions to the User Manager.  For full admin access to the User Manager (to be able to modify user accounts, groups etc.) you need to have the User Management Admin role

What can you do in User Manager?

  • Add/remove users from a group
  • Give Users access to a tenant
  • Assign/remove tenant roles
  • Add/remove users from a group
  • Create new groups
  • View/edit/deactivate groups
  • Assign multiple users to a group
  • Assign multiple users to a tenant
  • View all group members
  • View tenant users
  • View tenant users with roles

To modify a user's settings, simply make the changes and click Update User at the bottom of the screen.

Please note that if your learner's account information is loaded from an authorized file, you will not be able to create users from scratch.  Other limitations may also apply.  If you don't see a user in the User Manager, this means we have not received information for this user.  A new authorized file must be provided to your account manager.

To see a Mission the user will need to have access to that tenant and be a part of the associated User Group.

There is also no ability to remove or delete groups so please be cautious when creating new groups.


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