Choosing the Right Template

Below are a few player communication templates you may leverage for your mLevel launch. The summaries will help you identify which template is best suited for you. Feel free to change any verbiage or add/remove images. The highlighted content will need to be updated with your specific launch details. If you have any questions or need a bit more assistance please reach out to your Account Manager.

*Mission Launch : Players Create Password – Here the players will need to visit a Welcome Page to create their password specifically for mLevel. Once they have created their password they can play on all supported devices.

*Mission Launch : Players Use Organization Credentials – If we have been able to integrate with your organization, this communication is great for when players can access mLevel immediately with their email and password.

*Launched Mission Check In – This is an example of a communication that can be sent out repeatedly during the Mission’s lifecycle to encourage players to get involved and to showcase the current top scorers.

*Download documents at the bottom of this page

Best Practices:

  • Always test mLevel on the intended device the players will most likely be playing on (ex; company provided computer in an authorized browser)
  • Include a link to the Download Instructions article
  • Share the mLevel support email "" for players if they encounter any difficulties
  • Work with the customer/customer's IT team to ensure "" is added to their Approved Sender/Whitelist
  • The email communications are best received from an internal stakeholder, or project sponsor to guarantee the player opens & reads the email and it isn’t placed in Spam
  • You can drive engagement by sending smaller communications showing the top of the leaderboard or reiterating incentives weekly, or bi-weekly through the mission lifecycle
  • Showcasing an external leaderboard in a public place is a great way to drive competition (ex; lobby monitor, cafeteria monitors, printed out and posted in the break room)
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