Knowledge Navigator: Embedding Links

Directing Your Learners:

With the mLevel 2.10 release, administrators now have the ability to embed links into the Knowledge Navigator activity. With this feature, users can be directed to an external site to learn more information pertaining to a specific item. Administrators can use the feature to link to videos, .pdfs, and websites, further adding to the overall user learning experience.

Configuring your Knowledge Navigator

 To add links to your Knowledge Navigator activity you will want to do the following:

1.) Click on the “Learning Content” tab found on the left hand side of your screen in Mission Manager.

2.) Press the “Edit Knowledge” button on the topic in which you would like to add the links to.

3.) Insert a new attribute column called “Website” or “Link” (please feel free to use whatever attribute name you would like).

 4.) Once you have created your new attribute column you will then add the following code(s) into the corresponding item row:

                [url=desired url][u]display text[/u][/url]

For example to display a link back to you may have:


  5.) After you have formatted the code(s), it is now time to insert them into Knowledge Navigator. To do this you will insert the code the same way you would insert a value. Simply click where it says “Empty” and then copy and paste your code into the dialogue box.

Note: When copying & pasting be sure to remove any unneeded spaces as this may cause a error.


6.) Once you have added and saved your additions to the content grid, you can now go ahead and republish the mission through the “Publish Settings” tab.

7.) After publishing, login into and test your embedded links.


During this process if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to reach out to



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