Manual Questions

About Manual Questions

Manual Questions allow you to create questions and answers outside of the Topic grid. With manual questions, you can create a question and answer set completely from scratch, just as if you were writing a traditional test.  You can create Manual Questions for all question types supported in the mLevel Platform.

Creating Manual Questions

  1. Login to Mission Manager (
  2. Click the Game Questions tab.
  3. Click Create New.
  4. Select Multiple Choice, Drag & Drop, Image Hotspot, Basic Image, or True/False depending on which type of question you want to create.

Multiple Choice

Create a Multiple Choice question manually by entering a Question, a Correct Answer, and Wrong Answers.

Adding Answer Images

Images can be added to Multiple Choice answers only.  True/False answers will use the systems default True/False imagery.

To add images to Multiple Choice answers, click the empty image container to the left of the answer field:


Create a True/False question manually by entering a statement, and selecting whether the statement is true or false.

Drag & Drop

You can create a Multiple Correct answer question in a similar fashion to a Multiple Choice question, except that you need to provide multiple correct answers. One important thing to remember is that mLevel randomly displays the answers - you can ask the user to list them in a specific order, but the platform will not be able to confirm they did.

What are Tags?

You can tag Manual Questions with an existing Item or create a new Topic and Item to use as a tag.  You might recall when using a Topic grid, you see the Topic's Items in the Analytics Tool.  Since Manual Questions don't leverage a Topic directly, we use Tags to associate Manual Questions to the Analytics.  When creating a new Manual Question, you can "link" the question to a "Tag" aka, an Item.

Tag Distribution

The Tag Distribution chart shows how many questions pertain to each tag/item.  Hover over the chart to see how many questions relate to each tag.

Other Notes/Tips

  • Question Requirements: see Games and Activities Guide for minimum question requirements.
  • We are currently NOT filtering or validating the types of manual questions that you can add to games that support manual questions.  This means that you can add True/False questions into games that don't support True/False questions, but they will NOT be included in the question count for the minimum amount of questions needed.  See Games and Activities Guide for question requirements.
  • If you'd like to have a multiple choice/comparative question with only 2 answer options (instead of letting the system randomly choose which wrong answer to use), you can just populate one wrong answer and delete the second unused answer, then save.  (If you don't delete the unused answer option you will get a validation error).
  • You cannot currently remove an image once it has been uploaded (you can only change it).  A workaround is to delete the answer option and add a new one (will default to no image).
  • Be careful if you drag and drop images... if you drop the image into the answer text input field it will populate the URL and will NOT upload the image.
  • Assessment can also provide image based questions - click this article for a walkthrough on how those work.


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