Data Export Report Types

With the Analytics Tool (, you can export various types of data reports.  Below is an overview of each type of data export you can create.  

Knowledge - Topic Correctness Details

Purpose: Understand what your learners know and don't know, plus more.  

Questions Answered: How well do users know specific topics in missions?  Where can we spend our training dollars to increase knowledge for our employees?

Question Performance - Question Effectiveness

Purpose: A list of every question generated and the percent it was answered correctly, plus the counts of each.

Questions Answered: What is the effectiveness of each question?  How many times should a particular question be presented to my learners in order to maximize the learning potential?

Engagement - Usage and Scores

Purpose:  See who played, how many times they played, what their score was and more.

Questions Answered: How many of my learners are active in specific missions?  Which users are playing and how often?  

Performance - Best Scores

Purpose: A summary of a player's activities such as their minimum, maximum, and average scores per activity.

Questions Answered: Which activities are my learners excelling at?  Which activities need more attention?  Which areas of understanding have my learners mastered?

LMS Nightly - Usage and Custom Fields

Purpose: Includes players, number of plays, average, minimum and maximum scores for all games.

Questions Answered: How often are learners playing?  How well are learners doing on specific plays?

LMS Trimmed - Only Best Scores

Purpose: Includes players, number of plays, average, minimum and maximum scores for games where a high score was achieved.  

Questions Answered: Have employees achieved mastery during the current date range?

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