Setting up a Recurring Report

If you find yourself constantly pulling the same reports, you might consider setting up a Recurring Report.  The Recurring Exports feature allows you to add a schedule to Email Exports and FTP Exports.  

This feature is only available for Email and FTP Data Exports.

1.  Start by creating an Email Data Export or an FTP Data Export.
2.  Now click the Setup Recurring Export button.

3.  Choose whether you want the export to repeat Daily or Weekly.
4.  Set the time you want the export to send.  

(Due to server loads, mLevel cannot guarantee it will happen exactly on the hour, so the options are a 1-hour time range.  The export will kick off sometime within that 1-hour window.)

5.  Click OK.
6.  Click Save.

In the video below, we show you how to setup a Recurring Email Report:


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