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The following is an overview of the mLevel Analytics Tool (  The Analytics tool provides data and insight around how your users are engaging with mLevel.  You can use the Analytics tool to create data exports and view the following metrics:

  • How many people are completing & not completing Missions
  • Which Topic content users know best/least
  • How many users have "Mastered" a Mission
  • Plays per Activity type
  • And much more...

Logging into Analytics

To access Analytics, your mLevel user account must have the "Reports" Role assigned.  If your account doesn't have this Role, please email your Account Manager or contact Support at

Login to Analytics by going to, or by clicking the drop-down selector from mLevel Studio as seen below:



The Completion tab shows the percentage of players who have completed and not completed your Missions.  This section provides a high-level overview of your Mission's activity.


You can hover-over the graph for additional insight, or click on the graph to view specific player data for a Mission, as seen below.Clicking the grey section of the graph will show you users who have begun the mission but not completed it, while clicking the green section of the graph will list all learners who have completed that mission.



The Engagement tab shows the number of Activity Plays, Players, and Average Plays for a Mission. You can also click and drag on the chart for Total Games / Players by date to specify a certain date range.


You can also see which Activities are getting the most plays using the Engagement Tab. Hover over each slice of the chart to see the specific number of plays of each activity.



The Knowledge tab gives you insight on how well your users understand your content content. The "Contents" table identifies which knowledge intersections users are struggling with, along with the ones that they understand, by measuring the percent of questions they get right about those specific topics. 




The Performance tab allows you to see how well your users are doing on each Activity.

"Performance Hotspot" shows the number of plays at which the score is the highest.  Another way to think of this is the number of plays it takes an average user to achieve their highest level of content understanding. On this tab, you'll also be able to see a holistic view of your your learners did on each question, including how often the question was answered correctly, and how often each specific wrong answer was selected when learners attempted to answer a question.


The leaders tab shows you the top scorers on a given Mission or Activity in the same style as the in-app leaderboard for easy reference.  

Groupable (filter) Fields

With groupable fields, you can segment your users into different groups.  For example, you can provide "Department" data within your user list file, and we can include this data as a groupable field within each user's record.  

For more questions on groupable fields, talk to your Account Manager or contact mLevel Customer Support at



You can create a detailed Export of your data using the Export tab.  Name your report, select which Missions to report on, define your date range, and select the report types (Knowledge, Question Performance, Engagement, Performance, LMS).  

mLevel ID is a unique identifier tied to records within the export.  You can include mLevel IDs in your data export for additional identification.

Save Export Configurations
Save your export configurations to expedite the export process and get the specific data you need on the fly.


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