Exporting Questions

It is possible to export your questions you’ve created for your mLevel mission as an Excel spreadsheet for review. To pull a question export, go to the Game Questions tab for the mission you are trying to pull the questions from. Then, click the Cloud Icon that is just to the right of the Game Questions header:

You will then have the option to immediately open the Question Export, or save the file to your computer.

Reading the Export

There are several columns in the question export:

  • Question Text (Column B) shows the actual question a user will see going through an mLevel learning activity.
  • Is Correct (Column C) indicates whether the answer shown in Column D will be correct or incorrect. TRUE indicates the answer is correct.
  • Answer Text (Column D) shows the answer option a user will see for that question. If a question has multiple correct answers, it will be shown as many times in the export as there are correct answers.
  • Question Template (Column E): shows the template used to generate the question if a Content Grid was used.
  • Topic Name (Column F): shows the content grid the question was generated from if a content grid was used.

Tips for Formatting the Export

One useful way to make the Question Export easier to read is by adding a filter to column C and displaying only rows where the answer is correct. Then, add a color to those rows, and remove the filter. Your rows with correct answers will now be easier to see so you can quickly tell where one question ends and another begins.

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