Creating Question Templates

Creating Question Templates

Question Templates dynamically pull in Items, Attributes, and Values to form sets of questions and answers used in Game Activities. Question Templates allow you to determine how questions read in the game environment. There are two types of Question Templates - Multiple Choice and True/False.  

  1. Click Game Questions.
  2. Select the Activity you want to create questions for.  (You can apply these same Question Templates to other Activities, see Step 10).
  3. Click Create New.
  4. Select Multiple Choice or True/False (Note: True/False Question Templates only work in Ice Breaker and Fast Lane)
  5. Select the Attribute(s) you want to associate with the question.
  6. Select the Item(s) you want to associate with the question.  (We suggest Use all Items).
  7. Select Define Answers

    Multiple Choice Question Templates: If you have {{item}} in your question template syntax, the answer should be "Answers are values". If you have {{value}} in your question template syntax, the answer should be "Items are values". (This step is not applicable to True/False Question Templates)

    True/False Question Templates: These templates use both {{item}} and {{value}} to create complete statements. mLevel will know if the statement is True or False based on the information in the Content Grid. You don't need to define your answers because the answers are going to be "TRUE" or "FALSE".

  8. Click Save.

Define Answers - Advanced Options

Answers are Items (Advanced - Photo Only): This type of answer is often used in a "Who's Who" concept.  An example question would be "Who is the VP of Marketing?". In this case, a photo would need to be tied to each Item.  Since the topic knows which one is a cat, you would choose this answer type if you want to only display the photo, and no text.  These types of question answers can be used in any game.



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