Advanced Mission Configurations

From the Mission Details page, click Advanced Configurations to view Advanced Mission Configurations:


You can reward your players by allowing them to earn the mLevel badge after completing activities in a Mission. The mLevel badge is rewarded depending on the amount of stars in a Mission the player has acquired. By default, mLevel Achievement is turned on and is configured to be rewarded when a player earns 95% of the Mission's stars.

Simply drag the slider left or right to change the percentage of stars required to achieve mLevel.

Leaderboard Settings

By default, leaderboards are enabled in the app. You can turn leaderboards off by unchecking "enabled".  When leaderboards are not enabled, the leaderboard icons are simply hidden in the app.

As an alternative to in-app leaderboards, you can configure an external leaderboard; a leaderboard hosted on the web. Please contact your Account Manager or email mLevel Support at for more information.

Leaderboard Types are determined by data provided by the customer. They allow you to group players who belong to a unique group of people. For more information, talk with your account manager or email

Manage Scores

This tab allows you to delete all data and scores or individual play scores from a Mission.

You cannot retrieve scores once they have been deleted.  


Custom Fields

Custom Fields are extra fields that can be used in data exports from the Reporting Tool. These fields allow you to add a custom label to particular pieces of data. Please contact your Account Manager or email mLevel Support at for more information.

Mission Branding

This is where you can set specific colors for the various elements of your Mission. 

You can set colors by using the color picker, or by entering an HTML (Hex) Color Code.

 You can also set a custom Mentor Image.

See Branding Capabilities for more information.

Deep Links

A deep link in mLevel is a url that a learner can click and be taken directly to their mission or activity instead of having to navigate through the mission select screen.  A deep link does not automatically provide access to a mission; a user will still need to log in after they click the link before being taken directly to their mission, unless they are using SSO and the link is configured appropriately.



Once you’ve created a link, it will work as long as your mission is published and available to a user who has access to the platform and that mission.



Delete Mission

Deleting Missions allows you to keep your tenant free of any unused/old content.

See Deleting Activities & Missions for more information.


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