Image Size Requirements and Recommendations

There are several different areas throughout the mLevel app that allow you to display your own images.  These images are uploaded through the Admin Panel.  We recommend providing landscape images (images that are wider than they are tall).  The minimum size requirements for images are listed below. Most image spaces will resize an image with dimensions larger than the minimum. Those that do not are flagged as such in this article.

Please provide images in .jpg or .png format.

Mission Images

minimum 512 x 370 pixels. This image will crop at the edges.


Mascot Image

Displays on the end of game screen. We recommend using a transparent .png with a max size of 245 x 325 pixels.
*Mascot Image does not preview correctly in IE8.

If no image is added, the generic mLevel owl will display.


Topic Images

Topic images appear in the Knowledge Navigator activity as the Topic's Image.
minimum 335 x 335 pixels


Item/Game Answer Images

minimum 335 x 235 pixels




minimum 160 x 90 pixels

Best Practices:

  • For wide logos, set the width the 160px. For tall, or square logos, set the height to 90px.
  • We suggest using a logo file with a transparent background
  • The logo color should be high contrast in comparison to the background color/image used
  • Avoid using logos with tag-lines under them
  • When possible, use a horizontal logo orientation instead of vertical - horizontal will allow for a larger logo


Checkpoint and Fast Lane Level Backgrounds

minimum 1024 x 768 pixels



Path Finder Image Recommendations:

  • Background Images: 1024 x 640, be prepared for slight cropping on top and bottom to support multiple devices
  • PNG preferred, but .jpeg could also work
  • Head shots – minimum 200 x 200, it will appeared centered in a circle

Assessment Image Recommendations

  • Hotspot question Image: 1024 x 640, but can be smaller. The smaller image will not be stretched to fit the entire screen.
  • Basic Image question: 512 x 370, but can be smaller. The smaller image will not be stretched to fit the entire screen.
  • Background image: 1024 x 640. We recommend avoiding white in the image since the font of the assessment questions is white.

Coordinates GPS Images


See more on level configurations here.

Welcome Page logo size recommendations

For really wide logos, we recommend as close to 435x50 pixels as possible.



For medium-width logos, we recommend as close to 240x120 pixels as possible.



For square logos, we recommend 140x140.




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