Before You Launch - Logistics

1. Launch Date 

On what date and at what time (time zone) should the mission(s) be made active? Don't forget you can make use of the mission expiration feature under the Advanced Configuration tab in Mission Manager.


2. Device and/or mLevel Web / WebGL

How will players be primarily playing the mission for the launch? Have we tested these machines?


3. Mission Duration

How long should the mission(s) be active


4. Mission Details

Who is the contact to work with to review/approve drafted content?

 Is imagery readily available or will this need to be developed?

 Do you have internal resources for image creation?


5. Users

What are the users’ roles and main responsibilities?

 What is the estimated Number of players?


6. User Management

Is there a source, such as a data extract file, that includes user group information?

 What approval process is needed to gain access to this information and who is the contact to work with?


Communication Plan

 7. Initial Communication to Players?

How are you sharing login credentials and the launch of mLevel?


 8. Player Incentives

Are the players getting a prize for achieving a certain score? If so, what are the details.


 8. Mission Status Email

Will there be update emails sent to the players after the initial email (i.e. reminder emails to those who have not played)?


Reporting Analytics

9. Frequency of Reports

Would you like mLevel to email you Metric Reports, if so how often and to whom?


10. Analytic Data

Who should have access to the Analytics Portal?

Are there any specific metrics or data you are looking for?





11. Security

What is the process for gaining security approval for installation of mLevel apps on user devices?

Is there a source, such as a data extract file, that includes user group information?



12. Authentication approach

How can we get your employees turned into users?

  • mLevel Internal Authentication – Excel doc with first name / last name / email and group if needed
  • SAML – identity provider endpoint, additional configuration info
  • ADFS –ADFS endpoint
  • E-Comm - Ability to issue tokens/codes that will allow a user to auto-provision
  • Other – please describe your desired approach

(If SAML/ADFS) Does the authentication response include user group information? 

Who is the IT contact we will work with to setup and test authentication?


13. Deployment approach (public or corporate app store & web player)

If applicable, what MDM solution are you currently using?

 If the app will be hosted in a corporate app store,

  • Who should we work with to get approvals AND how long is the approval process?
  • What is the mLevel app page URL for each app store (iOS, Android, etc.) that we can use to automatically upgrade to newer mLevel versions?

If players will utilize the mLevel web player,

  • What browser is in use?
  • Are there any restrictions on downloading and installing 3rd-party plugins?




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