Accessing mLevel

mLevel can be accessed from any computer with internet connection via our mLevelWeb experience or WebGL or from your iOS, Android, and Windows devices. Before accessing, make sure your account has been created by your company's administrator.

First Time Users

Single Sign On

Go to or and enter your company email in the username space and press tab. You should then be directed to your company's login page. If you are not able to access your training, please reach out to with your email and the mission you are trying to access.

Setting a Password

  • Step 1: Visitthe welcome page sent by your administrator. It will follow this format: . Enter your company email address.


  • Step 2: You will then receive an email prompting you to set your password. The email will also contain your username, which should end with a email domain. Click the link in the password email to be taken a screen that allows you to type in your password and click “Submit”.

Accessing mLevel

Play on your Computer

To access mLevel on a desktop or laptop, you can go to or

Play on your Mobile Device

Download mLevel on your mobile device by searching 'mLevel' in the device's app store.  Individual download links are included below:


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