Building Your First mLevel Mission

Introductory Video

Step 1: Log into mLevel Studio 

In order to log in to, you'll need to have received administrator privileges. Reach out to your customer success manager for information on receiving those privileges.
The first step once you have logged in is to click the blue button that says “+New” to get started, and type in the name of your mission. When it appears, click on your mission to go to the “Mission Details” page.

Mission Details

  • The first screen under this tab will allow you to change the name of your mission and overview text that appears the first time someone logs in to play. You can also upload the Mission Image by scrolling your mouse over the gray bar at the bottom and clicking “Change” when it appears.
  • Click “Advanced Configuration”, then click “Mission Branding” to design your mission’s color scheme
    • You can change colors by clicking on each box and adjusting the color tools. When you are happy with your color scheme, click “Publish.” The colors you select you will be saved so you 



On the far left, you will see the next tab listed under Mission Details. Click Activities/Games, then the blue “Add Activities” button. A menu of all the activities available in mLevel will appear- click a few of your favorites to add them, then the blue “Add” button.


Good activities to start with are Assessment since it is flexible in the types of questions that can be asked, and Block Party or Check Point  since they are more commonly used activities for game-based learning.

Once your activities are added, you can click and drag them around to change the order. You can also click on an activity to customize it, like we did earlier. You can add a subtitle, change the introduction and start text, and change the color scheme like before under “Activity Branding.” Some activities, like Fast Lane and Check Point, have additional customizable options where you can add imagery and change the specific locations that will appear in the game.


Game Questions

When you open the Game Questions tab, you will see all of your games and activities listed across the top with a wrench next to them. This wrench means that the game needs some questions before it can be published. If you click on one of the games, you will see a message that looks like this:

The red box with a “0” means there are not enough questions yet- this game needs 10. When you have added the minimum number of questions that match the required format for the activity, this red box will turn green, and the activity will be ready to publish!

To add a question, click the blue “Create New” button. The next screen will show you all the different types of questions you can create for this activity. 

Creating a Manual Multiple Choice Question:
To write a question without using a template, select Multiple Choice under the manual question option. Here is the screen where you will write your manual question:



  1. First, type your question into the box that says “Question.” Just write the question however you want it to read in the mission.
  2. Define Answers: choose whether you want the answer options to show just a photo, just text, or both photo and text.
  3. Type in the Correct Answer here. You can also add Feedback into the box directly below it if you would like. This is a message that will appear when your player chooses this answer.
  4. For Wrong Answers, do the same thing. You will need to click “+Incorrect Answer” to add more wrong answers. *Most games require 5 options total, so make sure you have 4 wrong answer options!
  5. Click the photo box to add a picture that will appear behind the text. Make sure you select something dark enough to show white text, and nothing too busy.
  6. Click the box at the very top to “tag” your question. This labels the question based on your content grid. When you click the box, a menu will pop up below it. Click the title of your content grid- this will make a list of the items appear. Click the item that your question is about.
  7. Click save when you are done!


Creating a Manual True/False Question:
Here is the screen that will appear for building a True/False question without using a template:


  1. Type your statement into the text box. 
  2. Select whether this is TRUE or FALSE.
  3. Click here to tag if you would like your question to be labeled.
  4. You have the option to write feedback that will appear depending on whether a player selects TRUE or FALSE. If they get it right, let them know they did a good job! If they get it wrong, write a different message.

Keep writing questions in your first activity until the red box turns green! Then, you can move on to your next activity. To add questions, you can either keep writing more new questions, or click “Add Existing” to add some of the templates or questions you have already written. Once all of your wrench icons have disappeared, your activities are complete.

User Groups

This tab is used to choose who can play your mission. Click the box that says “Everyone”, or check the box for a specific user group if you know who the mission should be available to, and then click save.

Publish Settings

Your mission is now complete and ready to be published to players!
Click “Publish All” at the bottom of the list, and wait for all of the bars to turn green. This might take a minute or two.

Congratulations, you have now built an mLevel mission! Go play to check out what you built!
You can play your mission by clicking the “Missions” dropdown box at the very top of the screen, and selecting “Web Player.”, or by logging in using your credentials on the mLevel app.

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