Duplicating Missions

In mLevel, it is possible to duplicate a mission to quickly create multiple versions of a mission. To do this, you will need Account Manager permissions for your customer, which you can receive from your Customer Success Manager.

Once you have those permissions, you’ll see an “Import/Export” button on the mission select screen in the mLevel studio:


After clicking that button, you’ll see two tabs, one for Import and One for Export.

Exporting a Mission



To export a mission, choose it from the dropdown menu and click “Export Mission”. Your mission will then appear on the list below. When your mission is done exporting, a blue download icon will appear next to it. Download the mission by clicking the icon. Make sure to just save the file - do not open it.

Importing a Mission

To import a mission, click the “Import Tab”, and then the blue “Import Mission” button. Then, select the zip file containing the mission from your computer. The file will automatically begin importing, and you’ll know it is finished when the “% Completed” field reads 100%. Once a mission is finished importing, you’ll be able to see it in the Mission select screen of the mLevel Studio. All you’ll have to do to make it live is select what user groups it will be available to and publish it.


  • While you can duplicate a mission in the same tenant, you cannot have two missions or topics in a tenant with the same name. The copy of your mission will have a (1) appended to both the mission name and any topic names. You can edit the names of the mission or topic to remove the number, but the names of the copied mission and topics cannot match the original.
  • If you import your mission into a different tenant, those numbers will not be appended.
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